Quilll – Lana

Maybe it’s the crafty use of edited vocal samples or the lively chord progression but something in Quilll’s latest track, “Lana” instantly hooked me.

It’s a fresh and insanely unique song that easily bounces from one genre to the next. At first you think it might be heading in an experimental, Flying Lotus type of way but then it suddenly takes a turn into the chillwave, synth induced realm. All of which I absolutely love and deeply appreciate hearing.

When asked about the creation of this track, Quilll said it was produced the day after his grandmother had passed away and how he struggles to know he won’t see her again.

After finding this out, it adds a much more sentimental feeling to the entirety of the track – almost as if I could visualize the unfortunate and difficult feelings he was going through. Quilll is a talented artist and I just feel lucky to have had the chance to hear this deeply moving song.

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