Røgsignal - nobody


Showcasing a blend of jazz and post-rock melodies, the Danish band, Røgsignal share their latest track, “nobody.” There’s something incredibly special about this song, from the arrangement to the various guitar hooks, it’s easy to get lost in these day dream like feels. It’s a beautiful instrumental track that borders into experimental all the meanwhile, keeping the listener’s attention as the song transforms from a quiet to free flowing style.

Regarding the making of the track, guitarist Nikolaj Bugge said, “nobody was written on a remote band camp in the glow of a low-hanging summer sun. We tried to capture that vibe in the music, making something that is seemingly joyous - almost naive - but has this sort of melancholy hidden in all of it. That’s summer for us!”

The song is the third single from their upcoming May 10th release, Bodies.