Rob Simonsen - Spectre


Composter and artist Rob Simonsen steps out from his cinematic background to share with us his first release, “Spectre” as a solo artist as he recently signed with the Sony Music Masterworks family.

“Spectre” is a beautifully timed and well orchestrated piece that features an intimate string section and warm, awe inspiring melodies. The blend of neo-classical roots and ambient atmospheres is quite moving and the perfect backdrop for those late evenings or moments of peace. The accompanying video is equally as lovely and was also created by Simonsen.

"Spectre is about mystery, melancholy and wonder, " Rob describes. "The feeling of awakening from a dream, or waking into a dream. It was created entirely in Studios Les Saint Germain in Paris, France, with my co-producers Raphael Hamburger and Stan Neff. I wanted to use the colors of brass, cellos, choir, an ondes martenot, and piano. We brought in brilliant players who gave it great life and vibe. It is the first installment of a trilogy of music videos I directed, which starts with the awakening of a being and the journey they embark on.”