Ry X - Hounds (Niklas Paschburg Rework)


Review: Ry X - Hounds (Niklas Paschburg Rework)


It was a total surprise (and treat) to see the talented composer and producer Niklas Paschburg take on Ry X’s hauntingly beautiful track, “Hounds.”

Known for creating awe inspiring, cinematic moments, Niklas Paschburg is an artist I’ve quickly come to love as each piece he shares is filled with cinematic moments and thought provoking melodies. This time we get to hear him add his vision and style to Ry X’s dark and mysterious soundscape. Within moments of listening to the track, I was immediately drawn in by the intricate piano melodies that were combined with textured sounds that so easily compliment the rustic tones of Ry X’s vocals.