sad face. - try it again


This was my first encounter with the electronic producer sad face., and there’s not much I could find on the creator but it didn’t take long for me to enjoy his work. In specific, his new song, “try it again” is a great mix of uptempo melodies and rhythmic percussion.

With the summer quickly approaching, “try it again” is the perfect backdrop for late nights and warm evenings spent in the setting sun. The way his melodies swirl about is fantastic. Every note of this song leaves you with a brighter outlook and positive feeling. What captured my attention the most was his percussion and how insanely playful it is. Not in the overbearing, obnoxious sense but that is has a lively pulse and feels like it makes the song breathe. I highly recommend this track for those moments spent outside as it’s the perfect pairing for a warm day in the sun.