Saint Jude - Walk With U


Review: Saint Jude - Walk With U


Describing Saint Jude’s (Jude Woodhead) sound in one, quick and simple sentence is proving to be difficult. The London based producer has a unique sound that hovers between downtempo electronic and minimal beats. And even then, I know I’m still not doing him justice in describing his sound - so why not give it a listen and experience the beauty for yourself.

In his latest release, “Walk With U” we’re greeted with a melancholic vocal sample that does a fantastic job at creating a hypnotizing environment. There’s something very day dreamy and nostalgic about the whole thing. Every detail poured into this track is absolutely lovely and makes me excited to hear the remainder of his upcoming self titled release which will debut on the UK based label, Slow Dance.

In Jude’s formative years as a DJ and club goer he developed tinnitus turning him from the euphoria of bright lights and dance floors and back into the bedroom to work on writing more intimate songs. The first fruit of that period is his upcoming self-titled EP.