Shrimpnose & K. Raydio - Cabernet

For all the experimental fans out there, I think you’ll be drawn in by the Minneapolis based producer, Shrimpnose’s latest track, “Cabernet.” The song features the lush vocals of K. Raydio and together they created a spaced out, other worldly like song.

The variety of textures, glitches and notes that Shrimpnose utilizes are interesting and keep me wanting more. Just when you think the rhythm will pick up, he brings it to a halt and introduces a new melodic section - almost as if around every corner there’s some hidden surprise. K. Radyio’s deep and soulful vocal melodies act almost as an instrument on top of the glitch like beats - the warm and soothing melodies she incorporates bring another rich layer of sounds to this already wonderful track.

Rural Sounds