somasis - me and you


For those of you with an appreciation for jazz and a touch of trip-hop on the side, no need to look any further. “me and you” by the electronic producer somasis (Kylie McClain) is quite a mix filled with a laid back, relaxed atmosphere.

Opening the track is a rhythmic percussion section that eventually gives way to a hypnotizing and day dream induced guitar melody. Floating above this melody is a raspy vocal hook, echoing “me and you.” It’s all incredibly delightful and feels like the perfect song for a warm, summer day. Regarding the creative process behind the release, somasis said, “‘me and you’ is a song that I made to try and unify this album. I found myself really inspired by a refrain of "me and you / oh, me and you" and I felt like it was the perfect way to end the album, so I fleshed it out to add lyrics about how relationships cause people to change, and become a higher form of who they want to be. throughout my music on spirit / songs for lovers, I've continuously tried to open up and become more vulnerable in my process and my intent for when I write. I used to just make breakcore, and drum and bass that felt so emotionally guarded, but on this album, I want to talk about relationships, distance, how people perceive each other, the and the experience of recognizing who you want to be.”