Tamu Massif - Little Death


Tamu Massif shares with us the track, “Little Death” from his upcoming full length release, Little Death Summer.

“Little Death” is filled with Massif’s lush vocal melodies, they fill every corner and in the best possible way. How he’s able to create such wondrous melodies with his voice is inspiring. Underneath his dreamy vocal melodies is a minimal arrangement that features a glitched percussion section, pads/strings coming in and out focus - all of which allow the vocals to carry the song to a gorgeous place.

Regarding the writing process of the record, Tamu Massif had this to say: “Maybe it sounds like it should be a depressing record, but I don't think it is. Summer permeates the twelve tracks, it's the time of year that most makes you want to get out and explore the world around you. From the start, I wanted twelve tracks to reflect the twelve Olympians.

It's a nostalgic collection of merged memories, based on true events, that I've taken the liberty to embellish. Many of the songs are about places as much as people. Different sections of songs take me to vivid places in my mind. I want to take you with me. I want to soundtrack your summer. If you like to chill and think about the world sometimes, I hope it might resonate on some level.”


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