Tamu Massif - Milksop


Oh man, Tamu Massif has done it again. This time it’s with the dreamy yet somewhat dark track, “Milksop.”

Within moments of the track playing, we’re greeted with his whisper like vocals - which are incredibly beautiful and bring a dynamic layer to the song. As he croons, the backing music slowly begins to pick up with minimal beats taking shape, pausing here and there to allow the vocal melodies to continue to flow. The synths also have a minimal vibe but when you pay closer attention you can hear all the detail he has poured into creating them.

Regarding the theme behind the track, Tamu Massif said, “A “milksop” is a person who is indecisive and lacks courage. The song is about the most extreme example of someone being a coward imaginable. It's loosely based on a story I heard about a guy and a girl with a suicide pact. They had agreed to throw themselves from the top of a cliff – but only she jumped. I thought that was just so tragic and cowardly.

It's so appalling there's a metaphorical aspect to it. Letting someone down, or feeling let down are things we have all experienced – albeit hopefully not to the same degree.”

If this is your first introduction to Tamu Massif, I think you’ll appreciate his unique style and the intricacy hiding within the song.


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