The Feather - Closer

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Review: The Feather - Closer


Currently enjoying the cool, calming sounds that echo from The Feather’s latest track, “Closer.” It only took a few moments before I fell in love with the quite dreamy and captivating vocal melodies that oozed from this laid back soundscape. Combining dreampop and electronica, The Feather (Dan San) crafts catchy melodies that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

The Feather chats more about the production and story behind, the captivating single.

“‘Closer' talks about the duality of my relationship to the ‘couple’ and to others. This need to be alone and the fear of being alons at the same time. “Closer, come closer, closer but not too close”. This balance between loneliness and openness that can mutate from one second to the next, without any warning. To illustrate this feeling, I chose to talk about a specific moment of the day: the few minutes before falling asleep… When the night comes, alone with my thoughts, eyes closed: the mere presence of the other may be enough to ward off the dizziness that surrounds me”