Total Bike Forever - Kyushu

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Review: Total Bike Forever - Kyushu


Presenting their brand new single, “Kyushu” from their upcoming debut album is the eclectic duo, Total Bike Forever. As soon as I heard this whimsical piece, I knew I’d have to share this because it’s quite the gem.

Total Bike Forever is the project of two friends who completed the journey from London to Tokyo on their bikes, meeting various musicians and individuals along the way who helped shape the sound of this lovely song.

It’s difficult for me to have a favorite moment of the track as each layer of instrumentation is beyond unique. From the organic percussion to the vocal chorus drifting in the background, I walk away feeling inspired and hopeful after listen

Regarding the creation of the song, Total Bike Forever said, “'Kyushu' was conceived on the most southern island of Japan, Kyushu, and features a collaboration with a group of traditional musicians from the local university, including a variety of traditional Japanese flutes. It also features a women's choir from Kathmandu, Nepal.”