Tourist - Emily

UK producer Tourist (William Phillips) has recently shared with us the single, “Emily” from his upcoming album, Everyday which will be available on February 15th.

“Emily” is an upbeat, inspiring electronic feel good type of song - one that makes everything in this exact moment feel perfect. Maybe it’s the shimmering synths or the well placed vocal samples, but I find an enormous sense of inspiration and more importantly motivation leaking from this song and seeping into my heart.

However, when you dig a little deeper and hear the opening vocal sample say, “(...and there's just days when you wake up and you just wish, at the end of the day, you hadn't because you hadn't done anything that hasn't just been a trial” - you come to realize the clash between the feel food notes of the song and the saddened lyrics at the start. Almost as though it’s a constant pull between the possibility of everything seeming just right and everything on the edge of falling apart.

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