Tree Bosier - Incandescence And Merging

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Premier: Tree Bosier - Incandescence And Merging


We’re excited to premier the spacious, ambient influenced track, “Incandescence And Merging” from the Russian artist and producer, Tree Bosier (Max Ananyev).

Part of his six track EP, Solstice - “Incandescence And Merging” provides a tranquil listening experiences for everyone to get lost within. The lush pads that fill the backing space are incredibly comforting, they bring forth a peaceful atmosphere that could be left on repeat for days on end. According to Tree Bosier, each track on the ep is dedicated to natural phenomena and the sun. This becomes quite apparent after sinking into, “Incandescence And Merging” as it is filled with awe inspiring moments that could be the perfect backdrop for any moment in life.