Tristan de Liège - Hawa (feat. Carly Barnette)


The downtempo producer and artist Tristan de Liège recently collaborated with vocalist Carly Barnette to create the otherworldly gem, “Hawa.”

Showcasing his incredible production skills, the song features a rhythm section that is unlike anything else. It’s immediately hypnotizing, meanwhile Barnette’s vocals glide in a smooth fashion over the colorful backdrop Tristan de Liège has created.

Taken from his forthcoming album, Maisha which will be released via First Light Records, de Liège speaks about the concept behind the album.

“This album to me expresses the feeling of embracing life in all its forms, with its different perspectives, moods, sounds, energies. In contrast to previous work, which was somewhat more reflective, this album was made with a lot of creative energy and drive. When starting each track I felt like I was overflowing with ideas that I had to try out and get down as soon as possible. Sometimes the inspiration would come from listening to various new albums on Bandcamp from around the world: jazz, African folk, hip-hop, Neo-soul, funk, afrobeat. Other times the inspiration would come simply from biking around Los Angeles and taking in sights and sounds from different parts of the city.”