Urchin - Take Time (feat. Grace Walker)


It’s the end of the work week and there’s something incredibly refreshing about Urchin’s brand new release, “Take Time (feat. Grace Walker).” It’s as though it checks everything on the hypothetical, “what makes a perfect song” check list.

Based in London, Urchin (Leo Appleyard) is busy creating a mixture of jazz/electronic infused tracks - and the outcome is quite delicious. In his track, “Take Time” we’re able to hear Appleyard showcase his amazing ability to combine these two genres and to make such an uplifting and delicately beautiful song.

The song immediately dives into its cozy, evening jazz session type of atmosphere. And just as you’re settling in, we’re greeted with Grace Walker’s lovely vocals and boy, do they fit ever so perfectly. Her lyrics have a wonderful depth to them but so do her melodies. They bring another level of life to this already stunning track and I can only hope these two continue to collaborate in the future.


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